Version: 4.4.1 || Release Date: 2010-04-29 || License: Shareware (€5.00) Developer: Wincent | App Owner: stridey

The innovative iTunes controller puts you in instant control of your listening from any application thanks to its always-accesible menu bar buttons and user-definable hot keys.

Synergy seamlessly integrates with iTunes, providing you with realtime feedback on the currently playing track even when iTunes is hidden. It can automatically locate album cover art from the Internet and download it to your computer while you listen. Under ongoing development since its initial release in 2002, Synergy boasts and impressive featureset.

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I use GimmeSomeTune, and it just rocks my world, with it's automatic cover fetching and a lot of features!

I use You Control: Tunes. Similar, and free.

I've found that iMote does pretty much the exact same thing except for free.

synergy is great. it sits out of the way, giving you simple controls to itunes and works with growl to show the artwork and song info unobtrusively. definitely one of my favorite little apps. and it's pretty cheap too.

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