Version: 4.4.1 || Release Date: 2010-04-29 || License: Shareware (€5.00) Developer: Wincent | App Owner: stridey

The innovative iTunes controller puts you in instant control of your listening from any application thanks to its always-accesible menu bar buttons and user-definable hot keys.

Synergy seamlessly integrates with iTunes, providing you with realtime feedback on the currently playing track even when iTunes is hidden. It can automatically locate album cover art from the Internet and download it to your computer while you listen. Under ongoing development since its initial release in 2002, Synergy boasts and impressive featureset.

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I've had this app for years and have been constantly confused by where things are at with it... pretty much lost interest around the introduction of Synergy Advance and given my license is apparently no longer valid (>3 years old!?!) I'm moving along. Hopefully they can simplify, perhaps consolidate down to one version, and finish migrating to their new site as the app certainly has a lot of potential.

One of my FAVORITE utilities, up until Leopard... but the 3.5 dev versions are an unmitigated disaster.

Developer: ditch the new design, and just get the old version functioning in Leopard, while you still have a customer base left.

A wonderful little app, well worth the cheap registration cost. As un-obtrusive as you want it to be. The plethora of skins for the menu-bar buttons is also a definite plus.

Great app. I only really use the hotkeys and integration, but listening to iTunes at work wouldn't be the same without it.

yeah. tried it today, and scrobbling still doesen't work. any suggestions?

apparently the server has been down today... the first day i try to scrobble with it lol

Is anyone else having scrobbling issues with this?

Bought and using this after I saw the podcast of it on macbreak.

iController for me (a freeware app).
One of the few that displays the track info in the menu bar (customizable) along with the usual hot keys features.

I recommend ByteController because its free.

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