Synk Pro

Version: 6.5.2 || Release Date: 2009-09-29 || License: Commercial with demo ($45.00) Developer: Decimus Software | App Owner: akurtz

The professional's synchronization toolkit. N-way synchronizations, advanced rule capabilities for arbitrary actions and archiving, flexible scheduling options, and more.
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Compare to Synk Backup, Synk Standard, .Mac Backup, and SuperDuper:

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4 Opinions

Well, it certainly works for me, and works well, but the interface could be a little more intuitive for my taste.

I have been using this software for months without a single problem. If you are having issues then I would suggest contacting the developer.

Not found it very buggy myself - use it to back up a few folders, including onto a NAS drive (attached via Ethernet to my Airport base station). Sole issues have been (i) having to tell it to ignore small differences in file timestamps (or it thinks a file has changed & should be copied when it hasn't), and (ii) the useful Preview mode has gone wonky in the latest release - it now sometimes fails to show me what will be copied. Otherwise have had no probs. Am glad it copies over the .DS_Store files - so if all I change in a folder is the Get Info comments for a file, the changed comments do get copied over.

This is a very buggy program - recommend staying away from it.