Version: 2.3 || Release Date: 2010-06-09 || License: Shareware (6.90 euros) Developer: Cocoamug Software | App Owner: jeanmatthieu

How much do you love Tabs ? Anyone who experienced Tab browsering could not imagine for one second having to go back to a single-page windows surfing.

How much do you love Apple Exposé - the feature that displays all open windows in a quick and clear way so you can access what you need in a snap ?

TabExposé is a Safari add-on that enables you to view all open tabs in Safari the same way Exposé displays all open windows on your Desktop.

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There is a 2.1 beta for Snow Leopard downloadable from the developer at - but to avoid disappointment, note that Tab Exposé literally "enables you to view all open tabs in Safari" - it doesn't enable you to navigate to them from the Exposé-type display. Click on a tab thumbnail and it just takes you straight back to the same tab you started from. So it's functionality isn't fully equivalent to that of Apple's Exposé. If I'm wrong and missing how to do it, someone tell me...

2.1 is working in Safari 4.0.3 on Leopard, but not yet compatible with Snow Leopard.