Version: 1.5.15 || Release Date: 2016-04-01 || License: Shareware (19.99 EUR) Developer: Daniel Schwill | App Owner: mcdan

Easy to use spreadsheet with more than 100 build in functions that can import and export Excel .xls and OpenOffice .ods documents.

Tables enables you to organise and present data very simply. With Tables you can not only organise data but also do calculations and comparisons with it. Add, sum or multiply numbers or process data by using more than 100 functions.

Data can not only represent numbers but a date or an amount, too. Tables offers extensive options to format the data. Format them as currency, as an amount, as percentage rate, scientifically or with different date formats.

Create visually attractive invoices, lists or reports and even add some photos, PDF documents and charts to present your data with great visual impact. You can create your own named styles in Tables to quickly assign the same formatting properties to other cells and also receive a uniform look for your document.

Tables requires Mac OS X 10.4 or newer and offers a free 30-day trial.

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The niche in which Tables could shine would be a lightweight spreadsheet for simpler tasks which don't require a fully-featured office suite.

To me as to previous posters as to probably the vast majority of potential users this implies full compatibility with both XLS and ODT ("full" in the sense that even if some sheet functions can't be accessed, they are not destroyed upon saving. In other words: Lossless editing!)

So I just downloaded v1.5.6 looking for a lightweight editor without long-loading times... only to find out that - yes! - it loads fast and - yes! - both XLS and ODT can be opened and - yes! - both formats can also be exported. BUT: Why oh why can't changes in XLS and ODT files be saved directly?

Really, I don't get it! This app probably has come a long way but over 3 years after blackjack75's comment it would have been nice to see this seemingly simple feature being implemented.

As long as it's not I won't bother...

My advise to the author: use OpenDocument as the main format. While I don't mind paying something that loads in a second (as opposed to NeoOffice which takes like a minute on my MBPro) am not going back to proprietary formats.

Okay, charts are in in the current beta. Nice! :)

Starting to look VERY good. Tables is fast and easy to use. I only miss one feature: Visualisation of data (i. e. graphs). I hope rudimentary graph support will be included in a new version. Not that I need it that often, but it would be handy from time to time …

Steady on there Ecook! It is still very early days for Tables and I personally think it's got a lot of potential. For me, I don't need a full featured spreadsheet, in fact I just need something that can edit CSVs and this is a lot less bloated and more Mac-like than Excel or NeoOffice etc.
It's not at a stage that I am able to use it for my work but when it is, I will happily cough up and register it.

NeoOffice includes Calc, a free open source spreadsheet program.

This program is a can open Excel documents, but has no way to export to it. At the very least, give me the option of exporting it if you can't work in the file format natively.

It saves in only one file format, and exports to 2...PDF and CSV...the problem is...the Mac version of Excel doesn't like the output CSV file.

Stay away if you are working with others that use Excel.

Got any free alternative ?

Load way faster than any other Spreadsheet program I've used. Unfortunately, it's still an early beta release, which means it doesn't work as well as a polished spreadsheet application. Definitely worth keeping an eye-on.