Version: 1.5.1 || Release Date: 2009-02-18 || License: Shareware ($35) Developer: mooSoftware | App Owner: moosoftware

Tablet-oriented drawing with a realistic pen and paper feel.

TabletDraw is a drawing application designed specifically for use with a tablet. Instead of setting brush thickness based solely on pen pressure, TabletDraw uses a combination of factors including speed and pen pressure to create a realistic pen-and-paper feel.

Other features include ink mode (colouring without overwriting existing lines) and seal canvas for later reworking.

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As of current, the newest version is 1.8.0 (someone correct this, please). Too bad the developer doesn't showcase much of its features on the product's website. Bad for marketing and I suggest selling it better, as this application has good potential in what it does.

check out scribbles... it's got layers, infinite scalability, intuitive controls and about $10 cheaper

It really needs sliders for changing values (brush size, etc.). Clicking and holding the up or down buttons takes too long.

Also, for some reason, the latest version (1.0.0) has gotten noticeably slower on my machine (note: my machine, as this may not be the case for others). I'm using a Mac dual 2.5 Ghz PPC with 1.5 GB RAM and OS X 10.4.11. My system is clogged down with millions of apps, so that may affect performance. But still, screen redrawing was a lot faster on the previous version. Now, when I paint, the lines are coming out with about a .3 - .4 second delay, depending on brush size.

I'll second the $20 price point. I would buy it at that price. I would buy it at $30 if you could save your drawing as vector, or if there were a layer option so you could draw a base drawing and then improve it on a higher layer. It's interesting though and I'll be trying it out more later. I really like the color sliders.

On the other hand, if VectorDesigner (albeit not being a bitmap editor) is $69.95, this app is relatively cheap.

ArtRage Pro is 19.95 and there's a free version. This application is nice, and if it were vector based I might consider buying it for, say, 20 bucks. But $35 for an app of which the only real feature is that it's lighter and more responsive than most other tablet drawing apps... I don't know.

@bitnix :

I actually do have an email address posted on the TabletDraw webpage, although it is, admittedly, kind of buried at the bottom of the page. I should probably display it more prominently.

If you don't mind sending the crash log, I would greatly appreciate it. The address is [email protected] .

This app crashes upon launch, every time I try to use it. I'm willing to send a crash log file to the developer, if only he provided some email address on his website for doing so... (PPC 2.5 ghz, 1.5 gb ram, ATI 9800 XT (256 mb), OS X 10.4.11)

if this outputted vector i would be creaming right about now

Pretty slick as it is... much faster than most other tablet drawing programs. And after seeing the things slated for future releases, it's definitely going to stay on my watch-list.

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