Version: 1.6b || Release Date: 2008-10-22 || License: Freeware Developer: Thermo Global Nuclear War | App Owner: factoryjoe

A del.icio.us/ma.gnolia client, uses drag and drop.

Tasty is a very simple way of viewing and editing Del.icio.us/ma.gnolia bookmarks. It uses drag and drop for near effortless updating of your favourite sites.

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3 Opinions

Broken for me.

Maybe I'm dense, but I can't see any method for editing bookmarks in this app. All it allows you to do is add new bookmarks (without any tagging assistance) and click on existing bookmarks (which are incomplete, sorted chronologically and has no search facility). Rather underwhelming in my opinion.

Is cool, but would really benefit from a dropbox, services menu or tab. At the moment the app is, by definition, behind the browser, making d+d difficult. Also doesn't seem to learn my tags.