Version: 0.972 || Release Date: 2011-03-26 || License: GPL Developer: Roel and Joost | App Owner: rulecam

Add your favourite tv shows to ted and ted will automatically download torrents of new episodes!

ted (Torrent Episode Downloader) makes downloading tv shows easy.

Add your favourite tv shows to ted and ted will automatically download torrents of new episodes!

ted has built in support to download torrents for the newest episodes from 24, Lost, The Simpsons, South Park and many more!

Once ted finds a torrent it will automaticaly start the downloading in your favourite torrent client..

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It's does what it says. Would like to see this as a background app though. Like TVShows does.

I use miro currently and am giving TED a shot. So far I'm pretty happy with it. One thing it does better than miro so far is automatically searching torrent sites and setting up feeds based on channel names. Saves a lot of time for me. Also the fact that it plays nicely with transmission is an added bonus.

the memory and CPU problems have been fixed in our 0.95 release.

this cpu problem is known and only occurs on leopard for some strange reason. I fixed it for the next release. Could you try the latest development version and see if that helps.

Ted seems to idle at 30% CPU usage on my MacBook running Leopard. That’s with no episode checks going on. Restarting the app doesn’t help.

I don't know what people are smokin'. This app is way better than TV Shows imo. I used TV Shows for a long time before I found this app and I always had trouble finding the shows I wanted. ted is so much better at finding shows and downloading them as soon as t hey become available. Give it a chance and you will see how much better it works than TV Shows.

This app rocks! Don't give up on it. I had problems at first adding a custom show. Use the forums to get help. It works and it's the best episode torrent downloader available.

ted has built-in information about all the tv shows, gives feedback about what is happening while he is searching for new episodes, shows why no episodes are found and supports multiple torrent websites. All things that TVShows does not have.

Check out TVShows instead. Nicer interface, works well.

Could have an option to not show it in the dock and only in the menubar ...
But still it's a great app when it comes to functionality , great work!

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