Version: 1.0.1 || Release Date: 2011-02-21 || License: BSD License App Owner: eof

Call regular phones with your Mac

Telephone is a VoIP program which allows you to make phone calls over the internet. It can be used to call regular phones via any appropriate SIP provider. If your office or home phone works via SIP, you can use that phone number on your Mac anywhere you have decent internet connection.

Telephone is really easy to use. It was written for the Mac only.

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Version 0.15.2 that works with 10.5 can be downloaded here:

This little gem sets the bar for how much UI any softphone application should be allowed to show.

I'm really happy to have found this. Otherwise, who knows, I might have to use the garish X-Lite or any of the other ugly, clunky softphone apps. just works perfectly, with just the right amount of features. Huge thanks to the developers for making it available for free!

Just great!

Less is more!

My search for the best mac SIP client has now ended. A menu extra for placing calls would be nice though. Thank you!

Call transfer is the top-priority feature at the moment. I hope to release a new version of Telephone by the end of the year.

Too bad it lacks of a call transfer feature wich is a must have on work enviroments. It seems like development of this app stoped, too long since last release.

I was a diehard xmeeting user before Snow Leopard. Now, with xmeeting failing to run properly (and development seemingly stopped) and X-Lite having strange audio issues (it reports being unable to open the audio device, even with no other apps running), Telephone is now my phone of choice. Address Book integration is the killer feature for me, and Telephone makes it easy.

Using this for Gizmo5 for Google Voice, and I must say it is much more pleasant to use than the other two apps I tried (the official Gizmo5 app and X-Lite). Lightweight, out of my way until someone calls me. Well, even when someone calls me it's out of the way!

My only suggestion to make it even more out of the way would be to give us the option of running it in the menubar as opposed to the dock. That would be perfect!

Just installed it a few minutes ago, but EXACTLY what I need. VoIP / SIP with address book integration but no flashy extras!

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