Version: 1.0.2 || Release Date: 2009-08-28 || License: Freeware Developer: Adyssoft | App Owner: drackett

teleport is a simple prefpane utility to let you use one single mouse and keyboard to control several of your Macs. Simply reach the edge of your screen, and your mouse teleports to your other Mac! The pasteboard can even be synchronized between the computers.
teleport is currently a Public Preview. Please feel free to contact me for comments, suggestions, bug reports, etc.

teleport uses Bonjour to find available hosts. For controlling them, it catches the events of the master computer, sends me on the network using TCP, and uses some native CoreGraphics calls on the slave computer.

Warning: teleport pr3.7 does NOT encrypt data transfers. Therefore, be sure to have a safe network before sending sensitive keystrokes, such as passwords, on a slave computer.

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Easy to setup and just works fine.

Wow....I'm not sure how this actually works but I have my desktop machine connected to a university VPN and the laptop disconnected from the VPN, but Teleport still works. Magical.

Wow - this is slick. Just tried DropCopy for a few hours & found it ok but awkward in a lot of ways for just working between a desktop and laptop on the same desk. So far Teleport is great - takes me back to dual-monitor days on Windows 98 without all the annoyances that entailed :)

UPDATE: had to uninstall and re-install a few times on both machines - not sure what finally made the difference, but its working.

FYI support forums are here;

Having trouble keeping this enabled on a Snow Leopard machine. I enable 'activate teleport' and then when I close and reopen system preferences, it is disabled again.

No issue on a Leopard (10.5.8) machine.

EDIT: My mouse moves with Teleport, even when I am not touching the mouse. Weird.

Very good app but on my Tiger computer, my mouse seems to move to the side of the screen (activating teleport on the other computer) and messing up someone's Photoshop work. Sometimes, when the mouse teleports back from the other computer, my mouse is invisible. Not good. :-\

After that glowing review of teleport, I'm back to using Synergy (turns out I forgot to forward the port on my new network).

While what I previously wrote is still all true, there was one problem that I couldn't deal with: Teleport cannot automatically reset the positions of the screens when displays are added or taken away.

Case in point: I have one laptop with connected monitor, and 1 laptop without connected through Teleport. When I leave and take my main laptop with me (disconnecting the monitor), upon return and reconnection, teleport ceases to work. This can be fixed by going to the prefpane and resetting the screen positions, but doing this every time I come back home is tedious (and not worth scripting IMO).

I will miss the Drag&Drop (I've recently started using DropBox to alleviate this), and look foward to the developer fixing this issue (seems to be well reported in dev's forums).

I've long been a fan of the CLI Synergy, but since updating to 10.5.5, it has been broken. It was hard initially setting it (CLI Synergy that is) up to begin with, and after trying to tinker with it for an hour, I gave up and started searching for alternatives. I tried KMSynergy, but I faced the same problems (segmentation fault). So I finally tried Teleport (which I had been avoiding in order to prove to myself my 1337ness).

Just like a mac, it just works.

Until I have to control a non-mac (and until a fix is found for whatever went wrong), I don't think I'll be turning back.

And yes. The Drag & Drop feature is amazing.

Wow! I've been using Synergy for a couple years, but it's a little screwed up in Leopard. I just found Teleport. It's not cross-platform like Synergy, but as a Mac-only user that doesn't matter to me. Teleport is way easier to setup and use, and drag and drop of files across Macs is amazing!

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