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Terminator is a cross-platform GPL terminal emulator with advanced features not yet found elsewhere. It replaces xterm, rxvt, xwsh and friends on X11 systems, Terminal.app on Mac OS and PuTTY on MS Windows.

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Not bad. Appears to be written in Java, so I assumed it would be terrible. Observations -

Slightly slower than Terminal.app, much faster than iTerm (even at the slowest refresh speed).

Antialias is really weak, and offers little advantage compared to the antialiasing in the aforementioned terminals. Would leave it off. This is using Envy Code R, other fonts might take it better.

Lines that extend beyond the width of the screen don't wrap - a horizontal scroll bar is implemented. I thought this would suck, but I actually like it.

Seems to take a while to initially start up. Fairly snappy once loaded though.