Version: 1.6.8 || Release Date: 2014-02-09 || License: Commercial with demo (19,99 $) App Owner: oe_geek

Tex Editor

Native Mac OS Tex Editor with efficient LaTeX environment, feature-laden, not feature-cluttered.

Texpad OS X User Guide
For projects small and large
Simply open your root .tex file containing the main document block,
and let Texpad load your full project, including sub-files, bibliographies, stylesheets and any class files the project uses.

Open your recent documents straight from the welcome window create new ones from standard and custom templates .
Use the magic of auto-complete to write faster and with fewer LaTeX errors. Texpad autocompletes all common TeX commands and autofills \ref and \cite commands with the labels and cite keys defined elsewhere in your document.

Texpad's autocomplete window also acts a quick reference on commands, as well as showing you context information on all labels and citekeys.
Document Outline and LaTeX/PDF synchronisation
Outline view makes Texpad perfect for large documents When you open a LaTeX file in Texpad, it will scan through to find all included LaTeX and BibTeX files. These are presented in a customisable outline view to make it as easy as possible to navigate your document.

The outline also lists any TODOs you've entered in the code as reminders, providing quick and easy access to them.
Customisable Syntax-Highlighting Editor
Texpad's editor is LaTeX and BibTeX aware and highlights your code to make it easy to write it.

Bundled with Texpad are a number of themes that allow you to change the look of the editor.

In addition to syntax highlighting, you can block comment/un-comment, block indent/un-indent and spell-check as you type.
Snippets --
LaTeX code blocks
Snippets are little pieces of LaTeX code designed to aid fast editing of documents. In a typical Texpad style of course, they interact smoothly with the editor via hotkeys and are aware of any text that's currently selected.

An example would be selecting a piece of text and pressing Ctrl-Shift-B to put the bold markers around it. Snippets are totally configurable and may be added, deleted and assigned new keys as needed.
Global Search
The Global Search and Replace feature presents all instances of your search text in the source that you can readily jump to and forth between.

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