Version: 7.3.5 || Release Date: 2012-10-31 || License: Shareware (39.99) Developer: unmarked software | App Owner: unmarked

Tool for people who work with other people's text.

TextSoap Standard is the premier styled-text transformation tool today. Whether you're cleaning email, text from the web, scripts or any other text with all the gobbledygook. Features include:

  • Universal Binary
  • Clean Plain or RTF Text
  • Improved Cleaner Palette
  • Improved SCRUB
  • OS X Services
  • Automator Action
  • Shareable Custom Cleaners
  • New Custom Cleaner Editor
  • Regular Expressions in Custom Cleaners
  • Improved line-ending handling
  • Ability to tag text with Custom Cleaners
  • Over 100 built-in cleaners
  • and more..

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1 Opinion


Before I began to use TextSoap, text that wasn't "web friendly" would always creep its way onto the page rendering out to the user unrecognizable "Hieroglyphics". For those of you who have experienced this, you know all to well what a pain it is to "manually" clean up text.

I now "clean" all text with TextSoap, whether it's for the web or just plain copying and pasting from one app to another. Don't me wrong, I'm not a text cleaning fanatic, but when I know that I want to copy and paste "clean text", I run it through TextSoap and I know it's going to be stripped of all formatting, leaving behind just plain old text and that's it.

The app is a little pricey. However, the "time" it has saved me and the "peace of mind" it has given me knowing that my text is "clean", TextSoap has paid for itself and then some!