Version: 4.5.1 || Release Date: 2013-03-25 || License: Freeware App Owner: panhead1406

TextWrangler is BBEdits little brother. You can code HTML or PHP with it. It has multiple file search, syntax coloring, etc.

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Bruno: While I haven't used TextPad, I've never seen a Windows text editor that I like as much as TextWrangler.

Gullevek: TextWangler looks pretty polished to me. I will check out Smultron, though.

Does not look so polished, but very good in handling big files. Has tons of functionality.

For a more "polished" editor you might want to look into Smultron.

Pro: It's free
Con: It's not as nice as text editors for Windows (example: TextPad, UltraEdit, emEditor)

BBEdit is no better than TextWrangler, but thank you BareBones for releasing this for free. Even though I don't think it comes close to my favorite editor (TextPad for Windows) I still think it's worth money and about the only usable editor for Mac OS.

Wish: document tabs. The drawer is nice when you have 100 documents, but not when you have less than 10.

just the solution i was looking for... at just the right (FREE) price.

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