Version: 4.5.1 || Release Date: 2013-03-25 || License: Freeware App Owner: panhead1406

TextWrangler is BBEdits little brother. You can code HTML or PHP with it. It has multiple file search, syntax coloring, etc.

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don't forget support for grep/regular expressions! this one feature, plus its command line-based diff tools, are what "sold me" on this marvelously useful app in the first place.

it has multi-file, and more importantly, multi-line find and replace, for which i love it.

(that may be a common feature, i dunno. but textwrangler was the first free app that i came across to support multi-line replacing in such an easy way and it's saved me a whole lot of time ever since.)

i found an amazingly comprehensive collection of TextWrangler scripts geared towards web development (mostly dealing with css, html & xhtml), here:
there are so many scripts included that it sometimes "overloads" the menu, so you may have to reorganize the scripts folder a little bit after dropping this in there, but otherwise i have found them to be extremely useful.

I love the fact that it has the FTP built in. It makes developing things so much easier than if I'd have to use another program for it. For the price (free), I don't think it gets much better than this.

From the homepage:

Download TextWrangler here. It's free! TextWrangler is only available as an electronic download.

I love TextWranger - GUI grep and regex find and replace! Yay! I've been tempted by Smultron and TextMate, but can't beat free and I've yet to find something TextWrangler can't do. Danke BB!

For what I paid, I love this software. Able to open most files, even non-text files, its great! Add that in with the various plug-ins, and its great! Minor annoyances, but overall I love having this as an addition to TextEdit.

It doesn't look that nice and the user interface is quite complicated, but unlike most text editors, it does not choke on enormous text files like server logs or SQL dump files -- it handles them with ease.

For anyone who is interested I created an alternate TextWrangler icon here in the style of the new (as of yesterday) BBEdit icon

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