The Clock

Version: 2.7.1 || Release Date: 2014-03-05 || License: Shareware ($3.99) Developer: seense | App Owner: seense

Your Clock menu bar, a little bit more useful.

The Clock offer the same display types as the OS X clock in the menu bar (Analog, Digital), but a little bit more …

With the current OS X clock, you click on the time and you get a menu with only two options Analog and Digital. :(

With The Clock, you get a Full Calendar, and World Clocks.

And in the menu bar, you will have one extra option which, is to display the date as an icon.

The Clock Calendar settings follow your System settings: Calendar type (Gregorian, Buddhist, Hebrew,... ) and your First day of the week setting.
Put as many World Clocks as you want, re-arrange them by drag and drop, scroll among all your World Clocks ...

V1.2.1 : -User Request Implementation : Database Update. UTC is now available as a World Clock.

V1.2 New Feature "Business Hours":
Doing Business with many countries is good. But it can be a pain to keep track of all the different local Holidays, Week-End, and different Business Hours.
The Clock now introduce a new "Business Hours" feature to help you in this matter.

V1.1 New Feature "Take a Break":
As the CDC recommends* we should take a break once in a while away from our computer. If, like some of us, you spend too much time working on your Mac, this feature will help you to Take a Break.

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