The Filter

Version: 2.4.4 || Release Date: 2007-09-11 || License: Freeware App Owner: fiveofsix

Instant Playlist Generator Plugin for iTunes. The Filter uses your music to create interesting playlists, automatically fill and refresh your iPod/MP3 player and discover new music.

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Yes yes yes am loving this. I heard of this for PC but not Mac. Heard of tangerine but that's rubbish - this actually does the job. Haven't come across the bugs mentioned here tho...

This app works great for me. I've got a huge iTunes library and this tool helps me build playlists including artists I have long forgot about.

This app looks great and has a neat concept, but the superfluous visual effects just eat up my RAM and CPU. Hopefully when this thing gets out of beta, its processor load will be reduced.

Neat idea, but this app is extremely buggy and the custom UI goes bonkers when I try to minimize or hide the window. It doesn't seem to actually work either.

I was looking for something that could quickly fill my iPod and downloaded this from This software is simply fantastic and I cannot recommend it enough - make this the most used app on!

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