The Hit List

Version: 1.1.6 || Release Date: 2014-10-16 || License: Shareware (49.95) Developer: Karelia Software | App Owner: andykim

Forget what you need to do. With confidence.

The Hit List is a simple, yet sophisticated application to manage the daily chaos of your modern life. Based on the simple concept of making lists, The Hit List lets you plan, forget, then act when the time is right.

Your life is complicated enough as it is. The tool to manage your life shouldn't be. The Hit List keeps things simple by not forcing you to learn a system. It can be as simple as just keeping a list of things to do as you would on a piece of paper. However, if you do have a task management system such as Getting Things Done by David Allen, The Hit List is flexible enough to support you.

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From the screenshots, there are pros and cons. Looks a little overwhelming... Things would be more suited for me.

This app has it all, over Things. I love the speed with which you can jump between different lists. The main selling point for me, was the mouse-less (almost) operation.

I only wish for one thing to be added in the program, though. I want an option that would prevent me from checking off a parent task until all its sub-tasks have been checked off first.

I would love to commit to The Hit List, but the lack of an iPhone companion is holding me back.

That, and it has become ominously quiet on the blog, user group, and Twitter page.

The GTD war has already been won. Stand aside Things and Omnifocus. Give way for the Champion: The Hit List.
You can't go wrong with this. I have two jobs, doing a PhD, and also am part of a large volunteer organisation. This programme has enabled me to bring focus to my 100s of todos- and then schedule them in a most elegant manner. Simply amazing. is buggy than the previous version. I have to temporarily delete it and wait for next release

Really like this app. I use multiple computers so I have it save it's info to my Dropbox so it's always in sync no matter what system I'm on.

I really like this, particularly the visual aspect but for some reason I can't justify the price.

I’m starting to like The Hit List more and more. The Hit List combined the powerfulness of TaskPaper free tagging with ease of use in (relatively) beautiful interface.

I’m a heavy keyboard user; The Hit List’s key commands are just great and intuitive. Even if I didn’t get this from MacHeist bundle, I would still consider buying it.

Looking forward to the feature-completed stable version!

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