Version: 2.2.6 || Release Date: 2014-05-14 || License: Commercial with demo ($49.99) Developer: Cultured Code | App Owner: things

Elegant personal task management.

Task management has never been this easy. Organize your tasks in an elegant and intuitive way. Things combines powerful features with simplicity through the use of tags and its intelligent filter bar. A Leopard style source list allows for quick and easy focusing. Together with a beautiful user interface, Things aims at the seemingly impossible: making task management both easy and fun.

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Simply great. Will be perfect when iCal sync and icon badges will be integrated. Will definitly pay for this great app.

amazing app. i will pay for this.

i registered for the newsletter last night and received an alpha invite almost instantaneously. so far i quite like it. beautiful interface and a lot of potential.

Things is just beautiful... It's simple, but powerful... They give you what they advertise, even during the alpha. The features they promise in the near future are things I've been waiting for.

Being able to use hotkeys to tag tasks is awesome. The people section is brilliant too. I wish I could add more than one person to a task, but it's definitely a nice addition, which I haven't seen in other apps.

'Someday' is brilliant... I love being able to shove in random things... like "Learn Latin." And not have to worry about anything going nuts telling me "You still haven't learned Latin..." I tend to keep a lot of these, particularly related to personal knowledge. Having a special place for them is definitely nice. I greatly appreciate that CC picked up on this.

The only thing I'm really waiting for is synchronization abilities. I love being able to sync my gtd app to iCal, and from there to my palm, my mobile, and to the web.

Having given Things some praise, I must also say... I've been an iGTD user for a while now. There are a few features, from iGTD, which feel missing from Things, such as drag and drop contact/url tags. (Mind you, adding a url into the notes section in Things does make a clickable link, just not as easy to find with a quick overview.) I also miss the priority/effort pieces of iGTD. They were easily visible, and easy to update. (Nice pricetag on iGTD too... 0 is a happy number. Though, given what I've seen from Things... I'm quickly starting to believe it's worth my money.)

I was very close to buying OmniFocus at the pre-release price, mostly based on positive reviews and Omni's reputation, before taking a look at Things. I think Things will fit my workflow better. My task management is just not that complicated and OmniFocus seems like overkill (in terms of structure), yet I need something more powerful than say TaskPaper.

@mechatak : you've hit the nail right on the head! The more I use Things, the more I wonder what were the guys at OmniGroup thinking when they designed such a cluttered and unusable application as OmniFocus.

Postponing and Someday-ing items is the Holy Grail of GTD, the quintessence of ubiquitous capture, and the key to a 'mind like water'.

Really looking forward to iCal (and Address Book, although I'm not sure it's ever going to happen) integration, the final step to becoming The GTD app on a Mac. OmniFocus is really nothing like as sleek as Things has proved to be.

It is not easy to describe.

It is fun, it works, it looks right, it feels right, it is not getting in my way. It really makes me to do things just for being able to check off done todos in Things, :-)

No endless setting up of views and filters. No empty columns.

The nested tagging is fantastic. Use as much or as less task meta data as you want. Filter for one or more contexts at a time. Make a tagging group for contexts, time available, energy and so on. Or don't.

Everything seems to be in the right place and to work the way it is expected (apart of those features still missing). I feel like getting addicted. I downloaded iGTD2 yesterday and was even more convinced about Things.

Somewhere someone said that the application xyz is GTD 2.0 Things is GTD X.

i’m using things for a month now (developer & alpha version) and i’m very happy with it so far. gonna pay for it once it’s been set free.

Another guy testing OmniFocus who switched immediately to Things once I received the invite.
I found that OmniFocus was too hard to set up and see immediately what needed to be done. Switching from projects to the context view, and setting up different views with the conditions etc. is just too much work.
For it's complexity and features, Omnifocus seems geared towards strict GTD'ers with a lot of projects and an intricate priority/next action system. For me it's like bringing a firehose to a waterballoon fight.

Things is elegant, easy to use, and immediately shows you what you actually need to do. On some strange level it makes my to-do list more enjoyable. The tag implementation is genius, and while it needs more fleshing out, I'm a convert.

Highly recommended.

Great application. Omnifocus was not bad but it seemed overcomplicated and a bit cluttered. Things on the other hand arrived on Christmas Eve and I moved all my to-do lists from taskpaper and omnifocus to Things - and guess what - it just works!
Things is so simple, so mac like, so elegant - i like the way you can pospone some tasks. I just posponed a lot of my PhD and teaching related tasks till the date I will go back to University and now I don't have to look at them till then.

Just waiting for iCal integration :) In my opinion Things, even in alpha, blows away all other GTD contenders.

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