Version: 1.1 || Release Date: 2011-01-21 || License: Commercial with demo (€24) Developer: Green and Slimy | App Owner: rebrimhall

Thoughts is a really flexible note- and information manager.


Thoughts is a really flexible note- and information manager. Here are only some
possibilities that thoughts can be used for:

• meeting notes
• journal
• story writing
• recipie collections
• jotting
• web research
• code snippets
• scrap booking


You were searching a long time for a way to
store all your text snippets and thoughts?

You like to have a place where all your notes
and files can be stored without any hassle?
Then thoughts is just for you.

Whether you are journalist, storywriter,
hobbiest, developer, you will find out that thoughts is just the perfect place to store all your thoughts.

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7 Opinions

I concur with dripdk. This app really had potential, could supplement my Moleskine for digital notes. However, the kinks haven't been fixed, even after so long. I shouldn't have bought it, and now I've wasted €24.

Where do I get my money back?

I bought this app thinking it had a lot of potential. That future updates would include the missing pieces. After using it for a couple of weeks, I got fed up with these missing pieces [and bugs]. The developers seem to have lost interest after launching this.

Stay away from this and use [much] better alternatives like Evernote or MacJournal!

Useful as a personal diary. But when it comes to real journaling this app is to weak.

@tee_cee Yeah, that's why I mentioned being an English user. I DO like the app.

@ rebrimhall:
I suppose the developers are from Austria. So, their native language is German (not English).

Software is pretty nice but the homepage is riddled with typos. It seems unprofessional and makes it hard for me to take the app seriously (at least as an english user). I'm kind of neurotic about that stuff though so take it with a grain of salt.

Very nice interface! And the app is very easy to use.
But, I.M.H.O., there's one (little) thing mising: some kind of encryption, to keep all the information safe from prying eyes.