Version: 1.0.3 || Release Date: 2010-04-03 || License: Commercial with demo (€200) Developer: Artificial Eyes | App Owner: jm3

Thrill, alternately spelled 3L, is a live visualization / VJ tool for creating motion graphics

3L is for visualists who:
- Are bored with the loop-based performance paradigm,
- Are tired of pre-producing in one program and performing with another program,
- Require granular reactive control over every parameter of their performance via sound analysis, video analysis, time based sequencing and lfo's, or via midicontrol,
- Are searching for software which generates true 3D models, graphics, objects and motion in realtime, without resorting to nodes, patchcords, or object based programming,
- Who want powerful configurability, customization and individualization offered by patch or sketch based visualization tools such as processing, jitter, pd, vvvv, or quartzcomposer, but packaged in a live-performance based GUI,
- Desire blazing fast multi-layer compositing tools combined with a powerful suite of core-image based image units fx and shaders,
- Are eager to harness every last cycle of pure open gl 3d power on their graphic card made possible by the combination of the intel platform with apple's OSX.

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3L is kinda crazy.