Version: 1.3 || Release Date: 2011-08-09 || License: Shareware ($7.99) Developer: Carsten Mielke | App Owner: carsmie

TileWindows helps you to easily organize your desktop: Move and resize your application windows, so you can view them side by side, by using keyboard shortcuts.

Do you have a big screen with high resolution? Start using it! TileWindows helps you to place your windows on the screen in a way that let's you take full advantage of it.

It's time to work more efficiently with the help of TileWindows now. Buy TileWindows and save lots of your time.
Features: With the help of shortcuts:
Resize and move a window to a quarter of the screen:
Top left quarter
Top right quarter
Bottom left quarter
Bottom right quarter
Move a window to the edge of the screen:
Move to the top left
Move to the top right
Move to the bottom left
Move to the bottom right
Move a window to the center of the screen. Resize a window to fill the entire screen. Move and resize all windows and stack them up.

All shortcuts are customizable.

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