Timbuktu Pro

Version: 8.8.5 || Release Date: 2013-10-07 || License: Commercial with demo ($99.99) App Owner: kshusker

Timbuktu Pro lets you remote control computers across the internet; this is very useful for managing servers, remote troubleshooting and assisting friends and family. Timbuktu works with machines behind routers and firewalls and the screen-sharing is the fastest of any remote control product. It also works with PCs. Security features include both attended and unattended access modes and built-in SSH tunneling. Other useful features include file transfer, remote user activity detection, Quicktime recording, Skype integration, DHCP "tracking" and the ability to use modem connections.

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2 Opinions

I disagree. Timbuktu has many advantages over VNC that make it worth spending the extra money for the software. For one, it is much faster then VNC, and it is more secure also, with the automatic SSH tunneling and ability to set multiple users with different privileges. Timbuktu also works better over slower connections with the color reduction and caching. I also like that with Timbuktu you can automatically track client machines as their DHCP addresses change. Now mind you, VNC is cool, and it is great that it is open source, but if you use remote control as a daily part of your job, there's no substitute for a commercial product like Timbuktu -- it's like comparing TextEdit to MS Word.

Used to use this excessively, but now with 10.4 you have a VNC server built in by default, and the best client to get is Chicken of the VNC, which also supports Bonjour. Non 10.3 still have the option to use OSXVNC as server app which also supports Bonjour, so I'm afraid Timbuktu is almost a relict of time when VNC support on the "olde" OS 7, 8, 9.x was really bad and there were no other options.