Version: 1.3.2 || Release Date: 2010-09-28 || License: Commercial with demo (9.90€) Developer: MacMation | App Owner: lutin

A timer to get things done.

A timer designed with this philosophy: get things done in time.

Very light user interface that won't disturb you and will let you focus.

Alerts you that time is up with visual animations, sounds, speak to you or Growl messages.

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Great little app. Downloaded, used it for an hour, and realised it was so useful I paid for the license there and then!

Timeboxed is the best timer app I have ever found! The key is the visual representation of the time in the menu bar at the top of the screen—doesn't get lost, quick to reference, and gives you instant feedback.

Nice and simple. Works great.

Best timer I've found for my Pomodoro Technique work-flow.

TimeBoxed is real cool thing!
I'm a student and TimeBoxed can help me to focus on learning tasks and it makes me more productive and successful in my studies.
Thanks to MacMation for this program!

Very helpful in keeping one focused on the task at hand! A simple, but complete and elegant timer, created by a personable and responsive developer.

Just bought this .. I could use a little timer to keep me on task and felt that this worked better then trying to set my watch or whatever - integrates with Growl which is great.
There was a minor tech issue with the app and I contacted the developer. In less then an HOUR he had the problem fixed and delivered back to me.
No idea what he will develop next, but he has a customer for life.

I've been using this app for 2 weeks now. I am new to working by the hour and I wanted something SIMPLE. I chose this one because I liked that it goes to sleep when I shut my MBP, and then asks me if I want to resume the timer when I open the machine up again.

To log my time, I added a trivial script to prompt me to choose one of several tasks and optionally add a comment. The date and time duration that just completed are logged to a monthly logfile. I can open it as a spreadsheet and add up the times for each day or task if I want to.

It is only as complete as I make it, which is to say not at all, but it is good enough to help me track my time and then put my hours into the official timesheet, which shall remain nameless because no one likes it.

Other people who happen to be at my computer with me when the timer finishes and prompts me are intrigued. What is that? How did you do that? :-)

Finally I have found a time tracking software that's easy to use and easy to customize. It's very simple yet very powerfull with its Apple Script support and all the example files that comes with it. I use it every day!

A must try!

Try Timer Utility, it's better than TimeBoxed and feature rich.

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