Version: 1.3.2 || Release Date: 2010-09-28 || License: Commercial with demo (9.90€) Developer: MacMation | App Owner: lutin

A timer to get things done.

A timer designed with this philosophy: get things done in time.

Very light user interface that won't disturb you and will let you focus.

Alerts you that time is up with visual animations, sounds, speak to you or Growl messages.

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Arguably a very simple app, but an amazing one. No more losing track of time or getting distracted from work when you know you have a timer going.

Also, the developer is a really nice guy. He answers to emails very quickly and each message is personal, not something that's prewritten, which I appreciate, and it means I'll be keeping my eye on MacMation in the future.

Great app, great developer. Lots of preferences and configuration options. Highly recommended.

Of all the stopwatches and timers I've tried, this is the smoothest for my purposes: keeping track of time while I'm working. I like the incremental bars and the various options. Very nice little program!

I needed something quick & easy to be able to set when I got food on the grill and I sit down and start coding and forget all about them $15 apiece steaks(now jerky) & this is a perfect fit! I'm sure I will use it for more than that though. This is the type of app that makes macs so great.. small, light, effective & elegant:)

I've found it useful for keeping me focused as well. Less day dreaming, more GTD!

I like this application, It helps you focus on one task at a time.

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