Version: 4.6.1 || Release Date: 2011-10-17 || License: Shareware (€19) Developer: Media Atelier | App Owner: mediaatelier

TimeLog integrates tightly with Address Book, iCalâ„¢ and Sync Services and offers an intuitive interface that makes tracking time as easy as listening to music in iTunesâ„¢.

The global timer menu is accessible from within any application and allows to switch to another project with just one click.

Recordings are stored in iCal calendars which allows sharing of time sheets over network services such as dotmac, CalDAV and others.

Available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish and Polish

Also check out TimeLog for the iPhone

and GrandTotal the invoicing app for TimeLog.

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According to http://blog.mediaatelier.com/mountain-lion-and-timelog/ - TimeLog will not work with Mountain Lion - due to be released end July 2012.

For that, there is http://osx.iusethis.com/app/timings - it has a different set of features though.


I really like Timelog from a UI and functionality and its completely central to my workflow.

The author was pretty attentive but has become less responsive in the last few months. I'm supposing this is because he has added other products to his portfolio and has become busy with them, especially Grandtotal (none of which I use).

I would be happy to pay more for Timelog, but my needs are starting to reach its limits.

I really hope we will see a Timelog 5 this year.

Free (but less sophisticated) alternative: Time Tracker

This is one of those gems that you tend to stumble over from time to time. I've been using Timelog for 9 months now and thrown away the paper diary to track my time. I looked at other solutions, including rolling my own in FileMaker (and wrote my own in PHP) but this has everything I could ask for. The graphical interface for adjusting times is just brilliant. Support from the developer is also helpful and timely.

How does this compare to applications like Slife and RescueTime? I am hesitant to add a third application to my timetracking efforts...

I am a freelance user interface designer and I charge my work per hour. I have always spent hours at the the end of month to make bills for all the projects.
I used to use MS Outlook for calendar and switching to Mac I found this iCal & TimeLog combination, which works just perfect for me. Simple and efficient, just enough to manage and track my work. Well worth the money spent on this utility.

Cool features and perfect support.

A developer that's listening to the needs of his clients. Well integrated, very stable and easy to use.

Love TimeLog. It's extremely intuitive and simple to use. Mostly, it just works. Also, when I've had a question (rare), I have gotten immediate support. Great value.

just great!

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