Time Out

Version: 2.0.2 || Release Date: 2016-03-23 || License: Freeware Developer: Dejal | App Owner: dejal

A highly configurable tool which reminds you to take breaks from the computer at regular intervals. It supports both normal breaks (somewhat long, but less frequent) and micro breaks (extremely short, but more frequent). You can also specify scripts or apps to run when a break starts or ends, which is useful for pausing iTunes, setting your IM status to away, etc.

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Thanks for sharing your information, its great and i appreciated about it!


To manually turn your display off, and avoid being dragged to your computer, you can use the ctrl-shift-eject keyboard shortcut, or the DisplaySleep app (that can be triggered by quicksilver, eg: by a click on the bottom on the screen)

[tested on 10.5]

New versions (Free, Express & Pro) due soon: http://www.dejal.com/timeout/

Nice scheduled program to rest your eye. :D

Worked for me on Leopard, but I actually preferred AntiRSI over Time Out (tested both for a day).

Micro Breaks work now in Leopard. An awesome program, it has completely supplanted AntiRSI on my machine after about 20 minutes fiddling with it.

Worked great under Tiger; unfortunately under Leopard Micro Breaks no longer work. I've informed the developer.