Timer Utility

Version: 4.1.3 || Release Date: 2012-03-13 || License: Shareware ($3.99) Developer: Juan Roa | App Owner: juanroa

An all purpose time management tool providing solutions to your time tracking needs.

Timer Utility is an all purpose time management tool consisting of multiple alarms, countdown timers, date countdowns, stopwatches and an all new Time Tracking feature. These features help manage your day, projects, or any tasks with ease.

With a newly designed interface, this version of Timer Utility makes creating, editing, and manipulating multiple timers and time trackings fast and easy.

The new Time Tracking addition helps keep track on how much time you\'ve spent on tasks, working, talking to a client, and much more. You can add a (billing) rate to each project and export all the necessary data.

Many more excellent features come equipped with Timer Utility, visit our website to find out more.

Timer Utility comes in two versions:
Professional Version @ $14.95

Standard Version @ $3.95

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4 Opinions

Now always comes up with 1 or 2 nag screens EVERY TIME it's launched.
I hate it when apps do this (for one it reduces the usefulness and productivity if you have to click through nag screens every time you use it).

Result = junked this POS in the trash.

This app does exactly what I need! Opens a link to my favourite radio station's stream URL! Great replacement for a clock radio. Only improvement would be the option to set alarms for specific days of the week. Thanks for the app!

This application is awesome. Don't forget to enable the dynamic dock icon preference (this should be default!). Just needs a new icon.

This is really great software, and it's free. The UI has been redesigned. Why nobody notice its existence?