Version: 1.1.5 || Release Date: 2009-08-30 || License: Shareware ($30) Developer: Acrylic Software | App Owner: dmacdonald

Times presents news feeds in a visual newspaper format that is always up to date with news from the sources you want.

Times is a new type of newsreader for Mac OS X Leopard. Instead of treating news like email (as most RSS readers do), Times presents you with headlines and photos from a variety of sources all in one place, letting you more easily discover the news you want to read. Like your own personal newspaper, you can put feeds into separate areas, create pages for different subjects, and more.

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It's a nice program for your my regular dose of central newsfeeds but it has some problems with umlauts

As much as this application works, it will not work for those people with a lot of RSS-Feeds waiting to be received. There is not a lot of utilization in regards to readability and customization combos... In other words, it gets to be a hassle just to organize the pages in order to make it work for you...

If you don't have a lot of RSS-Feeds, this is a perfect, customizable solution! Although, you may wish to consider that it does not yet integrate with google-reader.

I would love to use Times but I require Google Reader integration. Reeder does this on my iPod and I'm currently using Socialite to read news on my Mac. I think Times is quite beautiful and would gladly use it over Socialite in a second.

Just discovered this. It's awesome. I previously paid for NewsFire (before it was free), had Vienna for a while, NetNewsWire for a bit, but I absolutely love this app.

Only, I am chocking on the price tag. Still 9/10.

I would love Times even without the shelf (it has lots of great, original, well-implemented features). But the shelf triples the utility and ease of use that I get out of Times. (The shelf is a visually appealing, intuitive way to temporarily bookmark articles/items to refer to later. On the shelf you can organize items into different stacks. All can be done by drag and drop if desired.

A very good app although you find yourself needing a secondary reader for feeds that don't lend themselves to the format (Such as forum postings)

Always used Apple Mail's RSS-reader.
Tried several other readers, but none could beat Apple Mail.

But then I found Times!!
Very nice app... :-)

Still have several bugs, but there getting solved real quick.

I <3 this

I will echo the comment below and say that the crashes I was experiencing prior to their 1.1.2 release have been fixed.

While its still not 'bug-free' I think this is a really well thought out program. Very clean and elegant and it makes me feel like I'm actually reading a paper.

Current version (1.1.x) is stable at my MBP. No crashes!
Nice way of viewing RSS news.
Using EventBox (private and social stufff) and Times (news etc) parallel seems to be my approach for the next months...

This app looks very good, a nice way to catch up with the daily news. You can get it in a bundle with a lot of awesome applications for just 39$ at MacHeist: http://www.macheist.com/bundle/u/213997/

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