Version: 1.1.5 || Release Date: 2009-08-30 || License: Shareware ($30) Developer: Acrylic Software | App Owner: dmacdonald

Times presents news feeds in a visual newspaper format that is always up to date with news from the sources you want.

Times is a new type of newsreader for Mac OS X Leopard. Instead of treating news like email (as most RSS readers do), Times presents you with headlines and photos from a variety of sources all in one place, letting you more easily discover the news you want to read. Like your own personal newspaper, you can put feeds into separate areas, create pages for different subjects, and more.

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It does LOOK good but it crashes repeatedly.

Times is beautiful and innovative, and takes some serious risks by being so different. Maybe it works for you, maybe not, but you can't deny that it's apps like these that make the Mac platform fun and exciting. I think it will be very useful in handling my "browsing" feeds like Digg and Engadget, where I just don't have time to read every single story.

I completely agree, and the interface isn't that useful anyway.

Positives first, it is kind of nice to look at a newspaper layout of your RSS feeds… But the positives ends there. If you are having more then 30 feeds you will go absolutely crazy in a day or two trying to keep up with your RSS feeds. As an example, there is now way to see which are the latest feeds! If the app refreshes every 10 min, the previous “new” feeds gets unmarked. So leaving the app running for an hour going to lunch (having Times set to check for new feeds every 10 min) you come back and have no clue which are the unread feeds (obviously there is now way to tell how many unread feeds you have either). Organizing your feeds is nightmarish. Let say you import 100 feeds (I did 42). The feeds gets placed in a feed drawer, from there you drag and drop your feeds into “pages” you have created (pages being like Times equal to Folders with the difference that you have to put a feed on a page in order to read the feed). So you drag and drop your feeds onto the pages and very quickly you have no clue which feeds you already placed and which other you have not. So you scroll down, look at the other pages, take out pen and paper to keep notes on what you are doing… This is a joke! It will drive less patient people with loads of feeds up the walls in a matter of minutes. It costs 30 bucks and is beta software. Crashes and buggs, beware!!! This is just eye candy without function. The whole point of RSS is to digest information in an easy manner, Times makes it harder then any other RSS reader. This is form before function – bad design! Do not get seduced by the eye candy, take the candy away and you have buggy beta software that does not focus on the applications main objective – reading and organizing your RSS feeds!

Nice idea. Bad implementation.
Premature release. (Crashes, crashes, crashes...) Stlll needs lots of work to behave properly.
But... Now that Vienna and NetNewsWire are both free (Vienna has always been free), I wonder who's gonna pay 30 dollars for a RSS reader. I agree that Times' interface is something different, but is it worth the price, compared to those two free RSS readers?

It really uses a lot of my GPU power and memory
* Make the layout more customizable
* Show me which feeds I already added to a page
* take care of all the crashes!

I really like this app, it's very promising and I hope to see some updates in the future that really improve it.

Slow and a lot of crashes! Exactly how I wanted, except that.

A nice app, but takes a lot of memory...
I wish I could change the page layouts too.

Sticking to NewsFire..

I've been waiting for something like this for a long time.

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