Version: 2.0.0 || Release Date: 2011-01-03 || License: Commercial with demo ($15 USD) Developer: Steven Riggs | App Owner: stevenriggs

Track time, event & project planning and billing in iCal.

TimeTable reads and filters iCal calendar data and then calculates the hours spent in the events. Find trends by searching the details of events and viewing the average, maximum and minimum times spent on projects. Events are edited and stored in iCal, and TimeTable reads the events directly from a calendar in real time based on the timeframe selected.

Once a timeframe is selected, TimeTable can export this data to email, text or comma separated values to use the results in other tools like, invoicing, time tracking or spreadsheet applications. Since TimeTable only reads iCal data, there is nothing to save or backup.

Standard features include:
* Viewing overall hour based totals and averages
* Viewing individual event details
* Search your results by Title, Notes or Location

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1 Opinion

This is a supremely good app, highly recommend it.
Using a combination of Minco to record precise times and this you get a really useful way of printing time sheets out. Minco has a option of exporting its data already but it outputs all the calenders together in one file, doesn't take in to account stuff made outside minco yet in ical, and its exporting methods are limited compared to this. I really like the method of emailing the data out, when combined with a nice html signature for me it creates a really fast way of sending people invoices.