Time Tracker

Version: 1.3.13 || Release Date: 2011-01-03 || License: GPL Developer: Aaron VonderHaar | App Owner: rburgst

Track the time you spend on projects with this simple and easy-to-use application. Divide your work into projects, and split each into individual tasks. Stay honest, and not count those coffee breaks with the built-in idle time alerts. A menu bar icon reminds you at a glance whether the timer is running and allows you to easily stop and start the timer.

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7 Opinions

Alternative: Timelog: more advanced, but not free ($25).

It would be nice to have three levels in the hierarchy (project/task/sub-task) instead of only two (project/task).

App seems to have a new developer with much "Codierfreudigkeit" (sorry for the germanism). The 1.3 update is a serious one and makes the app look more modern. You make take a look at it.

I have tried every time tracker on i use this and Time Tracker remains the most useful to me, regardless of price.

Very cool and streamlined.

I use this app all the time. It even has a function that helps you keep track of breaks. If you walk away from your computer, or if there's no activity for a while, it asks if you want to log that time you were away. Very solid application.

This is a wonderful free app that helps you keep track of time down to individual elements of each project you are doing. It helped me keep track of a commercial I did recently. Very easy to operate.