Time Track Pro - Document and web activity

Version: 2.06 || Release Date: 2012-03-08 || License: Commercial with demo ($8.99) Developer: Bloop S.R.L | App Owner: djumypr

Time Track Pro is an application which measures in detail the time spent on your Computer.

If the application is supported, Time Track Pro allows you to visualize how much time was spent on a single document or how much time was spent on each website and display a daily or monthly report.

The application permits you to import recorded data with Time Track, block specific domains and outline inactive time by selective monitoring.

If the application is supported, Time Track is able to demonstrate exactly how much time was spent working on an image, text or illustration. There are many applications which are supported and the list is always increasing. The list of supported applications can be viewed on our website.

All Apps are correctly tracked.

Furthermore Time Track Pro support this documents, but the list is growing day by day:

Apple iPhoto
Apple iMovies
Apple Garage Band
Apple Keynote
Apple Numbers
Apple Pages
Apple Itunes
Apple IDvd
Apple iMotion
Apple xCode.
Apple Sound Track Pro,
Adobe Photoshop CS5.
Adobe Photoshop CS4.
Adobe Illustrator CS5.
Adobe Illustrator CS4.
Adobe Indesign CS4.
Adobe Indesign CS4.
Microsoft Word 2008-2011
Microsoft Excel 2008-2011.
Microsoft Power Point 2008-2011
VMware Fusion
Logic Pro
Illustrator cs5.5
inDesign cs5.5
Panic Coda

The browser supported for domain tracking are:

In the event that your application is not supported at all, contact Support and it will be incorporated in a future update.

If a supported browser is used, Time Track can count time spent on the most frequently visited websites.

No Documents support planned for Flash, Dreamweaver,Fireworks or Firefox, by the way the Application time is tracked correctly.

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