Timing - Time Tracking for Humans

Version: 1.4.1 || Release Date: 2014-04-23 || License: Commercial with demo ($14.99) Developer: Thomas Osthege | App Owner: bromr

LIMITED INTRODUCTORY SALE - 50% off for a short time! Timing is the best way to keep track of the time you spend with your Mac. Find out where your time goes - without ever having to start a timer again!

Timing automatically tracks which documents you are editing, which applications you use, and the domains of the websites you visit. You'll never have to worry about forgetting to start or stop a timer again - there are none! It's all done in the background!

After tracking, just drag and drop activities into projects. Some general categories like "Web Browsing", "Office" and "Games" have already been prepared for you, but you can customize them any way you like!

Review this week's activities with just one click! Sophisticated graphs show you how you spent your time each day and which projects consumed most of your time.

Some of the applications supported by Timing:
- Safari
- Chrome & Chromium
- Opera
- Mail
- Preview

- Photoshop (and probably the rest of the Adobe Creative Suite)
- Acorn

- iWork
- MS Office
- LibreOffice
- Evernote
- TeXShop

- Finder
- Terminal
- GitX

- Xcode (3 and 4)
- Coda
- TextWrangler & BBEdit
- Smultron & Fraise
- Kod
- MacVim & AquaMacs
- TextEdit
- Dashcode

- QuickTime Player
- VLC Player

And many more! Check the list at http://timingapp.com/faq.php for a full list of compatible applications!

For more detailed screenshots, please check out http://timingapp,com!

Please note that Timing needs the accessibility API to be enabled in order to track document paths accurately. You can enable it in System Preferences, section 'Universal Access'. See http://timingapp.com/faq.php#accessibility for details.

Please refrain from sending your bug reports or feature requests using the App Store. Instead, to ensure a direct response from us send them to support AT timingapp.com. You can also tweet us at http://twitter.com/TimingApp or like us at http://timingapp.com/fb. We are always happy to help our users and receive their comments!

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