TinkerTool System

Version: 1.9 || Release Date: 2009-05-13 || License: Shareware (€ 7 [+VA) Developer: Marcel Bresink Software-Systeme | App Owner: stoneman

"TinkerTool System is a professional all-in-one maintenance tool for the Macintosh platform. It allows you to change advanced operating system settings and offers a wide variety of maintenance features. It strictly complies with the software guidelines for Mac OS X, and also uses Apple's official instructions and recommendations for the resolution of certain system problems.

"TinkerTool System is very different from other maintenance applications because it never uses any scripts and is fully integrated into the security architecture of Mac OS X. . . ." [from developer's website]

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2 Opinions

A very solid and useful tool-utility. One I paid/registered a few years back and consistently use and trust. Love the fact that it gives you preview info on some of the clean/change operations so you can see what is about to get cleaned before you commit.
(Better, IMO, than some of the other cleaning apps that whisk things away leaving you to just wonder about what got cleaned/deleted.)

Along with his TinkerTool (free, no function overlap) these apps are always in my flash drive toolbox.

This is the safest, most consistently useful system utility for OS X that I have found. I like how the interface includes instructions about the circumstances under which certain features should or should not be run. It also has regular updates, which usually include useful new features.