Version: 1.04 || Release Date: 2010-01-04 || License: Shareware (£10) Developer: Keyone Productions | App Owner: timi

Simple. Screenshot. Sharing. Quickly and easily upload screenshots to a fantastically short url.

TinyGrab is a simple yet extremely powerful utility for Mac OS X. Harnessing the power of Mac OS X’s built in screenshot capabilites, TinyGrab instantly uploads and allows you to share with a small URL— all in under thirty-seconds.

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5 Opinions

I love this little tiny app... very useful, use it all the time. They even have a Windows client.

Love how fast it is. I can go from capturing an image, to pasting a link to it (via shortened url) into an IM conversation in literally 1 or 2 seconds. Awesome.

Nice and simple. Great!

TinyGrab is really effective to quickly share content.

I have been using this instead of grabup because of Snow Leopard incompatibility with grabup.