Version: v0.5.0 beta || Release Date: 2009-02-06 || License: Freeware Developer: fernLightning | App Owner: gdelfino

Allows basic cvs style operations on Time Machine volumes

With this command line tool you can:
• Find out the difference between two snapshots.
• Find out how many unique versions of a file really exist.
• Determine how a file has changed from the current active version.
• Find out how many snapshots Time Machine is maintaining.
• Find out general Time Machine status.

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1 Opinion

It refuses to work on 10.6 (for valid reasons), and unfortunately doesn't seem to be maintained anymore... from the site:
"Feb '09: We hope to release a non-beta 1.0 version within the next few months!"
...over a year ago

BackupLoupe is a good alternative if you don't mind a GUI app (don't know of any other command line apps that do this though)