To-do Lists

Version: 1.6.9 || Release Date: 2014-04-05 || License: Commercial with demo ($4.99) Developer: Mykola Olshevskyi | App Owner: zetha7

*** Works under Mac OS Lion, syncs with iCloud and iOS 5 Reminders app via iCal ***
*** Check out To-do Lists Mobile application at iOS App Store ***

To-do Lists provides simple but powerful interface for tasks and to-dos management.

To-do Lists features:
- quick, one-click tasks addition/removal
- rich-text editing, in-text links support
- seamless iCal synchronization
- synchronization with iCloud and iOS 5 Reminders app via iCal
- DropBox synchronization between computers
- import of to-do lists from text files
- export of to-do lists to text files
- printing of to-do lists or mailing them directly from application
- backup and restore of whole to-do database
- full drag'n'drop support (make new to-do from web link, file, document, e-mail, or any other text by simply dropping them on to-do list)
- system services support (make new to-do from any text in any application)
- rolled-up, translucent or floating to-do lists
- customized background color, text color, default font and checkbox appearance
- reminders
- quick-access icon in system menu
- To-do Lists Mobile application for your iOS devices which syncs with Mac OS version

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8 Opinions

One of my favorite apps. Love the color. I use it to make lists on the fly or keep lists of things I need to easily access or want to remember to put somewhere else later or access on another device.

nice app!

Very useful for keeping notes. I wish my screen was larger to contain more lists... Anyway, must have application.

Ty devs. Great app.

nice app dude _

Thanks to developer for useful and nice application!

good app!

Very nice and cheap application, syncs with Mobile version via DropBox (however, this needs some setup). Recommend to everyone to quickly write down your tasks.