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Version: 11.1 || Release Date: 2012-10-08 || License: Commercial with demo (99.99$) Developer: Roxio | App Owner: deathaxe

Roxio Toast® 8 sets the standard for burning CDs, DVDs, and now Blu-ray discs on the Mac. Create superior sounding audio CDs with crossfades. Enjoy your TV shows anywhere with exclusive EyeTV burning and TiVoToGo™ transfers to DVD or iPod®. Copy your audio CDs, movies and DVDs. It's your digital life, Toast It!

Please note that there is no demo available.

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Toast is an overpriced piece of bloatware. <a href="">Burn</a> should cover almost all your recording needs, and is free and open source. Another nice option is <a href="">Disco</a>, but is a commercial application. Both are easy to use and lightweight.

I use Burn / Brand instead. About the same burning fuctionality. Much more simple interface.

antu: In short, there is more than one way to burn data. Toast knows about them all.

And that's just one reason.

Hm, maybe I'm missing something here but why do I need an extra application? Isn't the ability to burn CDs and DVDs already built in to Mac OS X?

I'm using Finder to burn a data CD/DVD, iTunes for Music CDs and iDVD for my movies.

After someone please answers that question (no flamings please), you may rate this note as spam...

Uhh... so if this is "Commercial with demo", where's the demo?

The only good burning application for Mac - one that Disco can't eat for breakfast.

The pricing is a bit steep though, but totally worth it.

New interfase is kinda akward, the way Roxio has used Quartz animations instead of real buttons makes some places look a bit weird, but still overall it's better than in version 7.

anyone experience ridiculous slowness?
i tried to burn 2-3 gigs worth of video on my macbook pro,
i left encoding through the night, when I woke up it was still going!?
or is this normal for burning ... ive never really done this before...

Fantastic bit of software...used for all my burning needs.

Expensive (compared to Nero, but you can't get Nero for OS X). Good application that does it's job very reliably - highly recommended.

Awesome.... totally friggin' awesome software. It's the ONLY thing I use to burn CDs and DVDs anymore. When you get this, also look into Popcorn (video converter) and Jam (audio ripper).

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