Version: 2.2 || Release Date: 2010-03-27 || License: Commercial with demo ($21.95) Developer: Second Gear LLC | App Owner: carpeaqua

Today is a powerful, easy to use event and task management application for Mac OS X Leopard. Built on top of the same data engine as Apple's iCal and Mail programs, Today let's you quickly see what events and tasks are on today's agenda with the click of a button.

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Version 2.1. Nice product, integrates weel and works as promished. It's a great and much appreciated extention to iCal, and makes my day more focused on the next task at hand, reserving the use of the iCal for planing and scheduling tasks.

It's okay. UI could use some work still. Mainly the new event / task dialog needs a pop up calendar or something.

There's another free alternative: SimpleToDo.
Nice interface and Leopard animation effects to move items.
The only tning missing is a icon. (But you may add one of your choice.)

For a free to-do-only alternative, see Anxiety:

This program has the right idea, but a ways to go. The graphics refreshing is off and adding an event doesn't always work. Adding a task added it to mail, but not in this app. Also, there is not an easy way to set the date and time of an event (too much typing and clicking to add something). I used it for about 5 minutes and probably came across 5-6 bugs each of which were a potential deal-killer for me. Way too many bugs for a $15 program. I would recommend menuCalendarClock iCal over this program.

Keep up the good work... will check out the next version.