Version: 1.5 || Release Date: 2006-08-06 || License: GPL Developer: OpenSoft | App Owner: ahdustin

Displays a simple window organizing all the apps on your hard drive. Glance to see all the icons of your applications and instantly start them with one click. It's your no-limits dock.

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fanfanutastic little launcher app, but for earth's sake, please create a preference or means through which one can hide the window on system startup, as it does not obey the setting for this in login items.

I mostly still use Spotlight (Apple+Spacebar) and type in what app I want, hit down and then enter. 4 seconds to launch what I want and the shortcut is global so it works anywhere within OS X. Though I like the interface for this. Still tend to use Spotlight 98% of the time.

Todos in its current state has one annoying glitch (for me): It starts with the window open and there seems to be no way to toggle that. This doesn't please my aesthetic demands well, as I like an application launcher to be in my start objects, yet use it for the lesser used applications only (the others sit in my Dock). Also i feel that the application window should come up on a a single click on the Todos icon in the menu bar, not only via the hotkey. Ctrl-click could bring up that application menu with preferences, etc.

Why I use Todos? Apart from the previously listed flaws it's generally visually pleasing and a good workaround for a problem I face with OS X: I use my system in the language i natively speak (which is not english) but tend to remember OS X apps by their original (english) names - Spotlight only searches for and brings up the translated names. (Yes, OS X changes them, with sometimes pathetic results - 'Harddrive Service Program' instead of 'Disk Utility', etc.), with Todos I'm so much language-independent that I'm free to recognize some icon and click on it without the hassle to open up a finder window and browse through the applications folder and its subdirectories. As a Bonus it lists the english program names and does that in alphabetic order, so when the icon is not that greatly designed that it makes click once the window is up I'm at least free to look it up in maximum speed. Hooray! :)

Regarding the comments below: Current builds of Todos are listing the applications in alphabetic order and it's quite easy to zapp applications of the list (option-click).

Nice, long-awaited but has some real issues with finding apps and with finding apps twice if one adds another container and then if one makes an exemption for the one how come ( or does it ) it does not affect the other...? Etc. Some information design on the Prefs would help. "Alphabetic" seems to relate to the hidden apps by its position, etc. But what would REALLY make this-g happy is a reshapable HUD panel, so I can choose a long horizontal or vertical HUD if I want. And auto-centering, if I want, and position locking, if I want, blablableah.

Should ignore the ipod updaters

I'd really like to see customization added to this app. The ability to change icon order, transparency, how long it appears, etc. Once that happens, this will definately be in my top 10 apps.

really simple hopefully they will add more to it in the future or maybe even apple make something like then future.

It is alphabetical. It's just reversed.

too bad there is no way to customize the way it shows. It should be better with an alphabetical classification.