To Do Widget

Version: 2.1 || Release Date: 2008-05-28 || License: Freeware Developer: Philipe Fatio | App Owner: fphilipe

To Do is a lightweight and fast widget to manage tasks.

To Do is a lightweight and fast widget to manage tasks. Thanks to Mac OS X Leopard it integrates with iCal and Mail. The big advantage: to manage your tasks you don’t have to leave these applications open.

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2.0 is "snappy" and responsive, and I love the iCal and Mail integration. Mail is always open but hidden, and I don't often use iCal, so it's great to have my To Do's at my fingertips.

The only noticeable bug I've encountered is that rarely it will refuse to select anything at all, even after jumping to and from the "i" preference pane; not exactly worrying, and easily fixed with a Cmd+R, but a bug nonetheless. Great widget.

It works fantastic. It is super fast and responsive. Because it integrates with Mail, it can actually sync to dos across multiple computers if you are using an IMAP account.

works splendid

I use Anxiety for my desktop & main 'To-Do' list (adding/checking off etc.)

But because this widget (& Anxiety) syncs with ical, they are all updated together. I do like the looks of this one on my Dashboard, & prefer the look of Anxiety on my desktop. Best of both worlds I guess.

It just reads your iCal/Mail to dos. Works fine for me. I like it.

Isn't working for me

Install ok but I can't get the widget to actually work - I can't make a list!