Version: 3.4.4 || Release Date: 2015-06-15 || License: Shareware ($39.99) Developer: Reinvented Software | App Owner: sharris

Together lets you keep everything in one place. Text, documents, images, movies, sounds, web pages and bookmarks can all be dragged to Together for safe keeping, tagged, previewed, collected together in different ways and found again instantly.

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Together is really good at what it does. I switched from Yojimbo because Together uses the original files rather than a database. This means that I can sync my Together library to my Dropbox. With Dropbox's iPhone app, I'll have access to my Together library on my phone. Not quite the same as a native iPhone app, but pretty good for my purposes.

@the6step Are you reviewing the right app? There are no floating editor windows in Together, tags can be added and managed in the Info view, tag browser or via the batch Change Tags panel. Using periods in filenames works just like the Finder unless there's a specific bug I'm not aware of. Support is available through the Help > Together Support menu option. Thanks.

-Steve Harris, Developer

Needs work to be on the level of Evernote. Trying to put a period in an items title creates an extension collision.There is no easy way to add/manage tags. The method for editing items via the many floating built in editor windows is poor and sloppy. Also in rare cases the text doesn't preserve carriage returns from the copy text source. And that's only from me just using notes.

Together is amazing. Purchased and just switched all my stuff over from Evernote (osx interface was a pile of crap).

I keep evernote around since it has a web and iphone interface. Once Together gets these things, it'll be unstoppable.

The two features that did it for me are the shelf, which is always easily accessible, quick and easy, and the saving of notes to regular text files. No database that can get corrupted and you have access to your notes by other means as well.

Ijust switched from "yojimbo". A big selling point (besides the lovely interface) was .mac syncing. I tried evernote (they make you pay for secure syncs - i don't want a $5 a month headache), and Devonthink (wayyy to much program for me).

It lets you encrypt notes (good for password items) and save website archives offline.

I'm super pumped about this app.

Together has the best web page to PDF archive feature out there. Pages with the most complex layouts are captured faithfully, with all the text and links intact. This is way better than using File > Print > Save as PDF from the browser, which more often than not screws up the layout and colors.

I also prefer to capture web pages as PDF rather than web archives. EagleFiler uses the latter solution, and the one negative thing about web archives is that you'd still need a connection to the internet for the page to render properly if the layout is controlled by a separate CSS file, or files.

Certain widgets such as Vimeo and iTunes won't be captured though, and I've yet to find a utility which will do this reliably.

Everything else is done very well too. Tagging, grouping and folder management. Search works as advertised, very fast and the results are presented in an easy to digest fashion.

Start up and shut down is blindingly fast. One tip here is to turn off icon preview.

Wow, this applications has come a long way. Before I bought Yojimbo when Together was still called K.I.T. I tested it and found it lacking. Now I'm going to buy a copy and ditch Yojimbo for this.

Indispensible app for me now.

The best feature for me is the shelf. I can easily drag stuff onto it, and then into the folder or collection I want without opening the main application window.

The other one is using a shortcut key to enter a quick note. It's increased the number of times I actually write down ideas and thoughts by an order of magnitude.

@shanshuprophecy : Icon previews are the culprit for high memory use, and that is something I will be addressing soon. You can disable those in the View Options panel if they're causing problems.

Together can easily handle libraries of 20,000 items or more on an Intel Mac, so it could be that you were having a problem specific to your library. Such problems are usually easily remedied, so please get in touch through the Support pages on my site - thanks. Also, I should mention that as Together keeps all the original files on disk, they will always be accessible.

-Steve Harris, Together Developer

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