Version: 1.1 || Release Date: 2012-01-21 || License: Freeware App Owner: joymlarson

TogMeg is simple application to make the process of studying new words of foreign languages very efficient. You can use Text-To-Speech engines and follow the phonation and pronouncing of the languages.

With Mac OS X Lion you get the power of all speech engines available in Mac OS X Lion as:
* English (many voices)
* Arabic (voice: Maged)
* Chinese (voices: Ting-Ting, Sin-Ji, Ya-Ling)
* Czech (voice: Zuzana)
* Danish (voice: Ida)
* Dutch (voice: Ellen)
* Finnish (voice: Mikko)
* French (voices: Felix, Julie, Sebastien, Thomas, Virginie)
* German (voices: Anna, Steffi, Yannick)
* Greek (voice: Alexandros)
* Hindi (voice: Lekha)
* Hungarian (voice: Eszter)
* Indonesian (voice: Damayanti)
* Italian (voices: Paolo, Silvia)
* Japanese (voice: Kyoko)
* Korean (voices: Narae, Yuna)
* Norwegian (voices: Stine)
* Polish (voice: Agata)
* Portuguese (voice: Joana)
* Romanian (voice: Simona)
* Russian (voice: Milena)
* Slovak (voice: Laura)
* Spanish (voices: Diego, Monica)
* Swedish (voices: Alva, Oskar)
* Thai (voice: Narisa)
* Turkish (voice: Aylin)

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