Tominated Browser

Version: 0.2b || Release Date: 2007-03-05 || License: Other Open Source Developer: Tominated Software | App Owner: bleepnik

Tominated Browser is probably the lightest web browser ever, using only 2 times as much RAM and only 0.2% more CPU than the Finder!

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Looking for a lightweight browser to research something when I got a lot of big programs running. Sorry to say this one doesn't fit neither (any suggestions?)

No google search bar? I can live with that.
No tabs? Hurts but ok.
Can't even copy text from homepages(!)? Into the trash you go.

Has been replaced by Radon.

Heh, kinda cool and ultra-lightweight. It has a little ways to go, but I'm keeping it around as a third (or fourth?) browser- handy when I just need to check out a page or two and don't want to fire up Camino with my last session, etc. Needs a handler for opening HTML files on the disk, a menu option for new window, and keyboard shortcuts for Copy/Paste/Select All (especially from the address bar!)

In general it works okay. I'm posting with it right now!

I'll stick with a browser that can pass the ACID test. I'll take Camino or Shiira over this any day.

There's a special version available to people who "purchase" this through

Apparently, VERY special. incredibly cool browser.

Definitely a promising app. Speeds are easily the fastest on the Mac.

I'll definitively check that out on my Cube.