Version: || Release Date: 2010-07-01 || License: Commercial with demo (Only usefu) Developer: TomTom | App Owner: faye

Update your TomTom with the latest software and services automatically
Automatically updates your Safety Cameras (requires a subscription)
Easily install maps and services
Easily make and restore backups of your TomTom
Receive free Traffic Alerts on your computer
Easily download free services and shop for more
Use your TomTom through your computer to do the following:
Prepare your trips on your computer (not supported for NAVIGATOR 6)
Try out PLUS services (e.g. TomTom Buddies, TomTom Traffic, etc.) that normally require a wireless data connection
Report Safety Cameras

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3 Opinions

Dude, it's an application which can get updated! It deserves to be here just like any other piece of software.

It isn't an advert. Even people who've bought something want to know when their product's updated? Slingbox was here, but didn't have accurate version info. Surely this is for all apps? I accept it's not useful unless you have Tomtom navigation software, but if you do, this helps update it.