Toon Boom Studio

Version: 5 || Release Date: 2009-05-01 || License: Commercial with demo (US$399.99) Developer: Toon Boom | App Owner: ajbis

Toon Boom Studio is ideal for individuals looking for an all-in-one animation solution, from drawing digitally, scanning hand-drawn animations, seamlessly importing existing artwork, to lip-syncing the animation, setting up the action in a 3D space and publishing animation projects for TV, HDTV, the Web and iPod!

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I've cross-graded to Animate. I still think this is a great app, but I've moved on... and turning of 'I use this' off. V4 and now v5 have greatly improved this app & if you if you get serious about animation later there's usually cross-grade offers to the Animate and finaly Animate Pro.

I'm sure wowbagger's comments were accurate when posted, but now things have moved on (Anime Studio swapping e-frontier and now Smith-Micro) & Toon Boom expanding their product offering I would recommend anyone looking for a digital animation tool to download both trials first :)

Toom Boom V4 customer release in September 2007.

I've been using ToonBoom Studio Pro 1 through 2.5 and I have to say I really cannot recommend this application. Not because of the functionality which is good and the UI is pretty well thought out for animators, but for some of the terrible bugs, the non-existing support and the endless "we'll fix that in the next version" apologies from the vendor.

Worst thing is that these next versions usually come out about half a year to a year later than the Windows version, often have less features, and cost an arm and a leg even for upgrades. I've switched to Anime Studio (aka Moho) and I have been happy ever since.