TopCalculette Pro

Version: 7.0 || Release Date: 2008-02-25 || License: Shareware ($25) Developer: RubenSoft | App Owner: bitnix

The calculator for Power Users! As a real desktop calculator, TopCalculette shows the calculations on a virtual paper tape. When minimized, you always have it on hand. By using its 12 useful and customizable keys and it's handy tax and percentage features your daily calculations are simpliflied.

12 digit universal calculator
2 body sizes (with a large one)
Large display with easy-to-read characters
Simulated resizable paper tape
Customizable Tape Font
Minimized window mode turns application into icon
Calculate using your Macintosh keyboard
Customizable Mac keyboard shortcuts
Pocket/Accounting Mode
Memory keys
12 keys with user setting function
1 to 4 Tax/Percents keys pads
Integrated metric and currency converter with easy selection mode
Curencies updated by internet (use a RubenSoft dedicated server)
Built-in 70 currencies
Integrated units converter
Built-in 170 units
Powerful currencies and units editor
Shows the units on the tape and on the display
Saved display and tape's sums
Drag and drop of the sum display
Drag and drop a selection of the tape
3 calculator body appearances
3 key colors
2 figures appearances
Customizable display color
Needs only 1.5 MB of memory
Compatible with OS X 10.0 to 10.5 (PPC and Intel)
Platinum and Aqua user interface support

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2 Opinions

For power users, yet I don't see an RPN mode. A real shame…

Quite a competent and feature rich calculator best suitable for business purposes.

I like that there is a multi-currency converter built-in. And I also like the "tape", with nifty abilities letting you insert comments as well as go back and change a certain value, in order to get instantly updated (new) total/result.

Well worth its price, if you run a company and need a basic calculator for stuff like calculating profit margins, adding/reducing VAT costs, etc.

It could benefit from a new progam icon and some interface lifts, but it's not looking super shabby.