Version: 1.5 || Release Date: 2010-03-20 || License: Commercial with demo ($39.95) App Owner: purduejim

TopXNotes is the flagship product of Tropical Software, Inc. It is a feature-rich personal information organizer developed by a team with members from numerous states.

TopXNotes lets me keep all my formatted and straight text notes in one place.

I used to keep TextEdit documents in my Documents folder but often had to hunt for the ones I wanted through a large folder. Since I've imported them all into TopXNotes I can instantly locate text inside any or all notes.

Its numerous formatting options are always right at hand, including font, size, style, text color, emphasis color (highlighting), document color, and justification. It even checks spelling as I type.

I right-clicked on the toolbar and customized it to have the functions I use most.
The ability to sort by note name, category, creation date, and modified date allows me to quickly isolate the notes I want.
I like the new striped background in the NoteOrganizer window.

I can password protect the entire database or individual notes. Once I get a note to my liking I can write protect it.

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