Version: 1.6.27 || Release Date: 2015-06-24 || License: Commercial with demo ($18) Developer: BinaryAge | App Owner: dr_win

Brings tabs to your native Finder and more!

  • Tabs like in Google Chrome!
  • Adds a dual mode
  • Finder available system-wide on a hot-key
  • Cut and Paste
  • Stops creating .DS_Store litter
  • Show the folders always on top

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Really great. I think selling it will be more difficult than developing it, though. However, you've got my money.

If you add tabs like in Terminal/Safari, then I think more people will buy it.

Thanks for the great app and I'm excited for where its going! You don't need me to tell you taht people naysaying the concept are idiots, you are making Finder what it should always have been.

A couple of other niggles:
* It would be nice to have the "Position" option for the visor mode like in the terminal visor. I often use a monitor setup with my laptop on the desk and a large widescreen above and behind it. In this scenario the totalfinder+visor mode felt ridiculous on the big screen because it slid up from the bottom out of nowhere (becaue the small screen was below). Adding those settings will make it satisfying to a lot more people who might otherwise just find the visor mode insane.
* CoverFlow has several bugs in it, especially with regard to dragging files out of coverflow and onto other parts of finder. Basically any time I do that the window jumps around like crazy. I've just stopped touching files in coverflow for now, but its a pretty big bug to me because I prefer coverflow for almost everything and use it all the time to manage images and media.

I also would like Safari-style tabs whenever possible. Moreso I just want the colors to be darker. As it is the tab AND the toolbar both become very white which I find less pleasant and not matching the rest of OSX. Certainly not a dealbreaker but there you go. The tabs also have some small stuff that could be fixed easily:

* The + icon feels wrong for the space its in. I'd make it be just dark grey in the space where there is white now and no border. Even better would be just a subtle inset + like in the tab bar in Safari. I think people would get it anyway.
* The hover background on the X/close button feels really strange. There isn't any other part of OSX that has a red circle like that. Personally I'd rather it just get darker or maybe an inset grey background around the X. Something subtle, just enough for people to get the point. The red circle is overkill IMHO.

This app is amazing. Apple should buy you out and make this part of 10.7. Everyone would be so excited if they did that, it could carry the whole update cycle :D

When this costs money it will be hard for people to justify getting it because we are so used to never paying for anything, but if its cheap and the development continues like it has then I will drop the cash for sure. If I were the dev I'd find a split model where it is free but some features requre registering. People will be afraid to spend money if they can't try it and see that its' not buggy (i would assume something like this is buggy), but once they get used to it they might want extra features.

The current icon is very very cool. It does not have sunglasses and is only different because it has a small tab at the top which I think is adorable.

I love this app! I was waiting for drag-n-drop and a bit more you are there. I also love how I can have folders at the top of my list. Finder is now working the way it should have from the beginning.

And don't let the negative nellies bother you. If they don't like your app, move on.

minitechnik: thanks, I'm trying to listen :)

well, I gave you "-1" because it pissed me off that you were criticizing things that may be easily disabled/tweaked (as philippgerard corrected after then)

but ok, I will stop taking it personally and giving my points here. but guys, don't forget I'm reading this :-)

new icon is ace. developers rating of users here not so much.

I finally tried this once it reached version 0.8. This is an excellent app. Having tabs in the finder makes is so much more useful. The developer has said that future versions will let you change what kinda of tabs it uses (he's going to add Safari tabs to make it more Apple-like).

Totally wasn't worth installing. Lots of various hassles involved. I'm pretty sure it was slowing down my mac. I don't recommend this.

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